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Weekly Zoom Calls for Q&A Group Coaching | taught by Lynn Jackson-Taylor
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Lynn Jackson-Taylor
Lynn Jackson-Taylor

About the instructor

I’m Lynn, I’ve spent the last five years as a hypnobirthing practitioner (Certified by KGH the UK’s leading school), helping women just like you give birth without fear or severe pain.

I’m also trained in Conscious Perinatal Resilience Method, the cutting edge practice in perinatal mental health, and run a programme (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) teaching medical teams how to improve maternity services for the people who matter most: you and your baby! 

But before bumps and babies took over my life, I started as a physiotherapist, freeing people from pain caused by anything from acute sports injuries to pregnancy back pain. I’m registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Health & Care Professions Council and I'm an associate member of the Royal College of Midwives.

This unique combination of professions led me to develop my unique and practical method for training women (and dads!) in how to master mindset and the mind-body connection for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Forget about long-winded class-based lectures with confusing medical diagrams! Stick with me, and you’ll find your strength through laughter and song, you’ll dance your way through labour and embrace your deepest primal instincts to achieve a powerful birth!

I gave birth to my daughter at home with NO FEAR, NO DRUGS and NO TEARING, and you can too. 

I believe that all women can achieve an empowering, fearless birth. Even if you're naturally sceptical (as I once was), I can show you ways to unlock your mind-body abilities to control fear, self-doubt and pain. 

I believe that every woman is reborn herself when she becomes a mother and that she can choose who she wants that new woman to be. 

Reading a book — or even watching videos about how to do something, that’s one thing. But putting it into practice? Getting feedback on the spot? That’s how you really master MIND OVER MATTER.

In these interactive sessions, you have direct access to me, Lynn JT, via HD Video Conferencing for calm birth coaching, instant Q&A and reassurance in addition to laugh-out-loud and feel practice in dance moves, breathing and positioning for pregnancy and labour comfort.

This is the central tool that's missing from the regular run-off-the-mill prenatal courses you might have seen. In my programme — we are all about putting your knowledge into ACTION.

These ongoing weekly sessions consolidate your learning from any pregnancy course you're already doing. 

It's also an opportunity to connect with other pregnant mamas and get the support and friendship you want — without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Get on the spot answers to all your pregnancy & birth questions 
  • Learn wellness tips and tricks from a Maternity Physiotherapist for a pregnancy with more joy and less pain 
  • Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Carpal Tunnel Pain and everything in between!
  • Get extra hypnobirthing coaching and in-depth discussions
  • Group practice with real-time feedback on your techniques (breathing, positioning, calm and comfort techniques...)
  • Practice we me how to DANCE your way though labour, harness gravity and gentle movements to reduce pain and make labour easier, faster and pleasurable!
  • HD 2-WAY VIDEO CONFERENCING to connect live from the comfort of your home.
  • These calls are not recorded so don't be shy to turn up! 

This is the perfect ADDITION to ANY birth preparation course (ideally hypnobirthing) to give you personal ongoing support and the missing practical learning that gets you REAL RESULTS FAST.

This is the missing link you've been looking for, that brings theory and personal practice together. 

This is where the BIGGEST and most profound transformations happen, because when women support each other, incredible things happen.

To get all your questions and personal support needs met, just show up live and ask! Or you can simply ping me and email in advance. 

Each week's coaching topics and dance themes are based on member's questions and immediate needs. 

Coaching complements and goes beyond but does not replace the pre-recorded Hypnobirth Like A Boss video course.

Get real-time support from me, LIVE, EVERY SINGLE WEEK! 

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