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Empower Your Mind, Protect Your Body & Birth With Ease

You can’t stop doubting yourself, scared you just won’t be able to cope with the pain.

You’re terrified that you might tear but you don’t want them to cut you either.

As the big day is nearing, you worry more about baby’s health and want to know exactly what you can do to minimise the risks because you’re anxious about complications that could lead to induction, forceps or emergency operations.

But you know there's a better way...

You want to be calm, confident and in control no matter what. And you’re ready to do what it takes to have the easiest birth possible and without damaging your body.

You also want your husband to understand the emotions you’re going through. You want him to be your rock, equipped with the right skillset to help you experience a beautiful birth that you can both cherish and look back on for years to come.

If this sounds like you, I can help…

Hypnobirth Like A Boss will transform how you feel now and how you ultimately experience the marvel of birth. 

Hypnobirthing is approved and recommended by NHS doctors and the Royal College of Midwives, because amazing results have been proven time and time again.

Step-by-step videos get you instant results with all the mind-body tools you need to reconnect with your natural instincts and replace fear with self-confidence and trust.

Soak up the mindset-changing knowledge from the comfort of your own home in just 6 hours.


Dance My Pain Away is my WEEKLY LIVE CLASS that's absolutely PACKED with value: 

  • Get on the spot answers to all your questions 
  • Learn wellness tips and tricks to enjoy your pregnancy more
  • Get extra coaching and in-depth discussion
  • Group practice with real-time feedback on your techniques (breathing, postioning, calm and comfort techniques...)
  • Learn how to DANCE your way though labour, harness gravity and gentle movements to reduce pain and make labour easier, faster and pleasurable!
  • HD 2-WAY VIDEO CONFERENCING to connect live from the comfort of your home

When women support each other, incredible things happen...

Who is this for?

  • First time mums who dread the unknown and want freedom from the fear of first-time childbirth

  • Mums who don’t want to repeat a previous traumatic birth experience that was tense and severely painful

  • Women who want the most serene start in life for their baby

  • Busy bees who need a flexible learning structure and on-demand support options that fit around their packed schedule.

  • Disappointed mamas who left their prenatal classes with no practical skills or increased confidence. They might even feel more scared of birth now than they were before.

  • Women who sense that deep inside they have what it take and they just need the right support, tools and guidance to achieve the calm, fast and beautiful birth they want.

Nature designed birth to be BRIEF and BEAUTIFUL, so let me personally walk you and your birth partner through each step of harnessing the POWER to remain calm and in control no matter what.

There’s nothing more sacred than that the journey of a mother - giving life to another. 

YOU are about to give life to another. How do you want your journey to be?

Choose to be empowered and rewarded with a blissful birth.

Let me help you find your calm and discover abilities you never knew you had. Don't miss this.


Q. My baby is due in a week. Will I have enough time to prepare?

A. Yes! You can do everything in a day and will feel 100% more confident then if you DO NOTHING at all! After that, every extra hour of practice is gold. 

Q. I literally JUST found out I’m pregnant. Is it too soon for me to start worrying about birth?

A. Well, when you enrol in Hypnobirth Like a Boss, you won’t have to spend ANY time worrying about birth — you’ll face it calmly and with complete confidence. The more practice you get, the better. Ask me questions as they pop up, and we’ll work through your changing body and emotions together.

Q. What happens after I give birth?

A. You’ll still have my ongoing support in my private community! You’ll also learn about mindful parenting skills and get the support you need in those early months — and beyond!

Q. What if my husband/partner doesn’t want to do the course?

A. You can complete this course solo. You AND baby deserve this and don’t need anyone’s permission. I’m going to be here with you every step of the way so that you’re never alone. I can even tailor a “fast-track” version of the course for your husband.


I couldn't have made it without your course

I was able to push him out without any forceps, vacuum or episiotomy and it was the most powerful and beautiful experience ever!

Listening to your MP3s really got me through so much, I can't thank you enough for that.

Thank you for having that live session with me [FaceTime coaching DURING early labour], it got me through hours of labour and I felt really confident.

I would recommend your course to anyone who is expecting and wants to really be in control of their state of mind during labour.

Thank you for your course! It definitely helped me through labour — we actually ended up having an unplanned home birth probably because I was coping with the pain in a manageable way!

There were no gimmicks or tricks — just confidence-boosting reminders that I can do this, it's what I was designed to do and it's all in me. Thank you Lynn for a great course!”

You are a star!! Thank you thank you thank you! Xx

What the professionals are saying:

“Lynn's positive therapy is recommended for moving a mum-to-be in the right direction for herself and baby.”

— Hui-Ling, Neo-natal nurse

“With this course, Lynn has given you the gift of freedom, freedom from fear, and judgments so you can remain present, engaged and connected to your baby right from the word go.”

— Aimee-Leigh, mother of 2. Yoga, Mindfulness & Compassion therapist

"You have so much to share with women in birthing. I can say you have worked relentlessly creating your own "organic" videos, webinars and linking all through your sheer hard work and creativity"

— Khim Lee, Award Winning Retired Midwife

Lynn JT

Lynn JT

BSc(Hons), BA(Hons), DipHB(KGH), Cert(APPI), MCSP, HCPC, MRCM

I’m Lynn, I’ve spent the last four years as a hypnobirthing practitioner (Certified by KGH the UK’s leading school), helping women just like you give birth without fear or severe pain.

I’m also trained in perinatal mental health and run a programme (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) teaching medical teams how to improve maternity services for the people who matter most: you and your baby!

But before bumps and babies took over my life, I started as a physiotherapist, freeing people from pain caused by anything from acute sports injuries to pregnancy back pain. I’m a member of the Royal College of Midwives, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and the Health & Care Professions Council.

It’s this unique combination of professions that helped me develop my unique practical method for training women (and dads!) in how to master mindset and the mind-body connection for pregnancy and birth.

Forget about long-winded class-based lectures with confusing medical diagrams! Stick with me, and you’ll find your strength through laughter and song, you’ll dance your way through labour! and embrace your deepest primal instincts to achieve a powerful birth!

I gave birth to my daughter at home with NO FEAR, NO DRUGS and NO TEARING.

I believe that all women can achieve an empowering, fearless birth. Even if you're naturally sceptical (as I once was), I can show you ways to unlock your mind-body abilities to control fear and pain.

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DANCE MY PAIN AWAY (Weekly Live Video Conference Class + Course Q&A + Breathing and Comfort Practice)




TRANSITION AND SELF-DOUBT PHASE (yes it's just a phase!)

[REPLAYS] Dance My Pain Away Weekly Live Sessions